At a recent event in Eshowe, KwaZulu Natal, Chief Bloze from the local Fire Brigade Services expressed his appreciation for the FireWise Programme and the difference they’ve made in the lives of people and the community. He said that this partnership can only grow stronger with time and that his department was in full support of the aims, goals and objectives of the programme.

Furthermore, he said that the FireWise Programme not only protects the community from fires, but it also protects the environment and the natural resources.

Chief Bloze went on with a warning: “Climate change is becoming a global issue and individuals need to take responsibility for their actions. The objectives and work of the FireWise Programmes in teaching proper fire prevention methods for veld and livelihood protection, helps to negate the negative effects of climate change which will lead to long term sustainability. With global warming and greenhouse emissions threatening weather patterns, communities must take action and look after the way they interact with their environment, especially if your very means of existence is dependent on your natural surroundings.“

By Chandra Fick

  BES 9171