openquote FireWise gives good service to our community. It has taught us how to build the community. They have taught the community how to make firebreaks. Alien plants are being slashed - there are too many in the area. Thieves were hiding there. They have dug rubbish pits to clean the area. They are improving the access roads, for example to the school. But there are advantages and disadvantages: people are working, but not every day. The community is not quite safe because there is not yet a safe place to store the equipment and some tools are very dangerous. Another problem we have is that fires come across the mountains mainly at night when they are off duty. closedquote                 

openquote Queen’s Mercy is 50km from Matatiele, the nearest town, so it is difficult to get help fighting fires. But now FireWise has trained teams to help combat fires at our homes, which in the past had caused the deaths of family members and animals. FireWise helped to bring down the crime rate in the community because people are too busy working together. The project can play an important role in supplementing efforts at job creation and crime prevention. Mothers are happier because families are fed because of FireWise. But their area is very big and difficult to service. closedquote

openquote Queen’s Mercy has gained knowledge about fires and shared fire prevention information with a range of people. Team members were able to open bank accounts. The FireWise work reduced drinking, violence and crime, because young people go to work instead now. There is less fighting too. Some people started brick making, while others who had been trained by FireWise managed to get jobs. closedquote