openquote Before FireWise, Piet Retief had a high risk of fire and people died because of it. Now there is hope because of FireWise. Some people have learnt how to prevent fires from spreading. They have been slashing alien plants and are also growing gardens in the community and the school so that people have food. Job opportunities have been created. They dug a pit for rubbish and have been slashing alien invasive plants. They work in their uniforms and people see them, this is a way of advertising FireWise and creating more awareness. FireWise has played a very important role in this community. Thank you FireWise for this project in Piet Retief! closedquote


openquote In Piet Retief, the project is in its first year but already they have filled potholes, built bridges for small children to pass over streams, reduced fires, removed alien vegetation, built a rubbish pit and removed litter, created vegetable gardens at schools and in the community, developed skills and enjoyed career advancement. Jobs have been created, and small businesses are growing, thanks to the stipend. Crimes have been reduced, people are at work and don’t have time to be violent. closedquote