openquote Fires were a problem in the Matsulu area before FireWise was introduced. FireWise has had many advantages – like improving overall fire safety, bringing work opportunities to the area and building relationships with stakeholders in the community. The community understands the project, and respects the FireWise Team as important people in the community. FireWise helped with a house that burnt down, and also helped develop a vegetable garden for the community. closedquote



openquoteThe FireWise Team have done a lot of things in our community. Alien trees where criminals used to hide were cut down, bridges were built, dirty areas were cleaned and rubbish was removed. General safety has improved as well as safety from unwanted fires. There are fewer fires now, no losses of cattle and livestock, and full harvests. FireWise has provided opportunities for skills training which has enabled some people to get other jobs because now they’re skilled. People who had been involved in crime and drug abuse are no longer doing this because they are involved in work activities. Alcohol abuse has declined – people drink less because they have to work and be able to get up in the morning. People are earning more and using the money constructively. Stress levels have decreased. Everybody wants to join FireWise. closedquote