openquotePeople joined FireWise because family members had died in fires and they wanted to educate themselves and others about fire. They have done this. FireWise in Eshowe has brought about changes that have improved the fire situation - people and animals are not being killed by fire now. There is a schools fire awareness programme that has also helped the community learn about fire and what to do if a fire breaks out.closedquote


openquoteThe FireWise Team tries to make sure that the community is prepared for fire season. Each and every home has no litter or rubbish lying around, they know about fire safety now. There used to be bad fires - one of the participants own family’s house was burnt down, but people are now much more aware when fire season comes. FireWise has helped to prevent fires and save lives. There is still the problem of lightning strikes in the area and we don’t know how to prevent people dying because of it.closedquote

openquoteThe changes in Eshowe during 2011 were many. One of the big improvements was that people could be employed by FireWise and earn money. This made them happier because they could buy clothes and send their children to school.closedquote                                           

                                                   openquotePeople had no gardens before, but now there are vegetable gardens. The vegetables grown are sent to schools and even to town. People have learnt more about the environment and planted small trees to prevent soil erosion. The alien plants in rivers were removed so that there would be more water available. They were even able to sell the wood from the alien trees as firewood. People are too busy working now to take drugs and wine.closedquote