The Forest Fire Information Technology Transfer SA committee, in co-operation with the Southern African Institute of Forestry and Deer Valley Press (USA) introduced the "Fire Manager's Handbook on Veld and Forest Fires : Strategy, Tactics and Safety" in December 2003.

This handbook was the first of its kind to be published in Africa, and the first print run was snapped up by individuals and organisations involved in the prevention and combating of veld and forest fires on this continent. The second run follows some minor enhancements to the text.

This 500-page handbook, written by William C. Teie and edited by Tiaan Pool (PE Technikon), is an adaptation of Chief Fire Officer Teie's award winning text, published and widely used in the USA.

The Southern African Institute of Forestry states that the handbook is playing a vital role in building knowledge and awareness of wildfires in the region, and hopes the result will be a reduction in the totally unnecessary and devastating losses of life and property that occur each year from wildfires.

The Fire Manager's Handbook has the following chapters:

    Fire Weather
    Topography and Fuels
    Fire Behaviour
    Fireline Safety
    Fire Prevention and Protection
    Fire Extingushing Methods
    Initial Attack Strategy and Tactics

    Use of Fire-fighting Resources

    Structure Protection
    Fire Organisation and Management
    Prescribed Fire Management
    Fuel Breaks
    Lookouts and Camera Towers
    Fire Pumps and Hose

The Handbook is published and distributed by the Southern African Institute of Forestry. The price is R410.40 (R360 +VAT) per copy for purchases within South Africa, and US$85 for purchases outside of South Africa. Postage and packaging are included in these prices.